Official Partners

British Airways

The idea to feature exclusive In-Flight content started out in April 1999 when contact was made with former airline operator AirTours. The response to the idea was positive, but at the time the company wasnt looking to add additional content to its In-Flight package. In August 2016 the decision was made to once again look into supplying exclusive In-Flight content and a number of airlines were contacted with a proposal. 4 months later in December 2016, British Airways responded with interest in the show and on the 1st April 2017 Deeper Sounds launched a brand new exclusive monthly In-Flight Radio Show.


Deeper Sounds first featured in the ÏUMAG back in September 2014 with a full page advert on the launch of 'Deeper Sounds Presents The Funhouse'. Following the announcement of Deeper Sounds launching on British Airways, ÏUMAG expressed interest in collaborating with the show and officially joined in April 2017. Since May 2017 Deeper Sounds has received regular coverage in the magazine.

International Music Summit (IMS)

While the brand was seeing huge growth around the globe via it's monthly Radio Show on British Airways, decisions were being made on its next In-Flight partnership collaboration. International Music Summit (IMS) is a globally recognised brand, attracting DJ's and Business Leaders from around the globe to their summits held in Ibiza, LA & Shanghai. The main focus of the partnership was to integrate past Keynote speeches into the Deeper Sounds shows. In May 2018, 'The Keynote Show' a brand new stand alone broadcast was created in partnership with Deeper Sounds.